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The following are the classes that are given currently for each program. To get more information on the classes please click on the program title you want to learn more about.

Early Childhood Education

For info on class availability, contact Shalisa Lamb at

After School

For availability, contact Karen Liberatore at

Camp Hale

Hoo Ya! Registration begins February 1st. Check back soon.

Children's Art Centre

Vacation Arts Program | Register

for children ages 4.5 – 12 years. Arts exploration and instruction for full-day programming during February, April, and summer vacation weeks. Youth explore a variety of visual art projects while participating in additional weekly enrichment activities such as dance, yoga, and theater arts. Program hours are 8:00 am - 5:30 pm. Para registrarse en espanol llamar a 617-375-8175. **FEBRUARY IS FULL!**

Nature, Shapes & Patterns | Register

for Toddlers + Adult. 8 Tuesdays at 10:45 am. Spring session begins March 24th. Did you know that when children learn with all of their senses, their brain connections are stronger and their memories last longer? Explore animal habitats such as the arctic, ocean, desert and forest and engage our five senses in creative play using instant snow, ice, soapy bubbles, play dough, and natural materials like sand, sticks and leaves to build your own imaginative worlds.

Color, Mixing & Reaction | Register

for Toddlers + Adult. 8 Fridays at 10:45 am. Spring session begins March 27th. Mix colors using paint on textured surfaces such as tin foil, bubble wrap and contact paper. Learn how to make your own sensory recipes for home such as oobleck and play dough. Children will not only be exploring new sensations, but developing dexterity and fine motor skills as we manipulate materials using turkey basters, funnels, and eye droppers.

Workforce Readiness

For the current class schedule and availability, contact Kate Lopci at

Senior Services

We’re excited to announce the Senior Services Winter Session class schedule and the addition of two brand classes. Click here to learn more.

Thrive in 5

For info about Thrive and upcoming events contact Vivian at

Upcoming Events

Microsoft Digital Literacy Certification

3rd Mar 2015

Microsoft Digital Literacy is a free program designed to prepare out-of-work, low income, and underemployed adults for jobs that require advanced computer skills. You are eligible to take this free course if you... | Learn More

Color, Mixing & Reactions

3rd Mar 2015

  Exploring our world through our senses helps children develop important observation and language skills as they investigate, process, and come to understand new information. Mix colors using paint on textured... | Learn More

Daily Hot Lunch Program

3rd Mar 2015

In partnership with Kit Clark Senior Services’ Program, we offer a free/low-cost lunch five days a week, exclusively for seniors. This service not only provides seniors with an affordable and accessible lunch option but... | Learn More

Tai Chi I

3rd Mar 2015

Practice breath work, self-massage, gentle movement, and moving meditation with instructor Rick Tousignant. We’ll learn Shi-ba-shi, an 18-movement Qigong/Tai Chi form practiced daily by millions of people around the... | Learn More

Transition to College Course

4th Mar 2015

Free Transition to College Course Wednesdays and Fridays 9:15 am – 2:15 pm beginning on September 10, 2014. In partnership with Roxbury Community College and area employers, United South End Settlements offers a... | Learn More