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Family Mobility  

A woman is holding the hands of a toddler to help him walk as another woman watches fondly from the steps behind them.
A group of people at a presentation hosted by USES on preparing your kids for kindergarten.

Our Program

USES’s Family Mobility Program aims to provide a supportive partnership with parents and caregivers to move families forward in economic mobility.

Through various programming and family-focused events, we offer a number of ways to meet families where they’re at, and to provide a path unique to them to help them succeed. Our different types of resources can be found below.

Three children outside at USES in jackets holding a basketball and bouncy ball, looking up at the camera and smiling

Join Family Mobility

Our participants can join our Family Mobility programming through the following ways:



Family Engagement Series

Income Screenings

CoachingIncome ScreeningsFamily Engagement SeriesSTEP (Striving Towards Economic Prosperity)
Work with one of our coaches to identify and pursue career goals, develop better self-awareness and resiliency, access resources, and find strategies to increase financial stability.We provide income support screening to all participants upon entry into our program and can offer assistance in connecting to public and private benefits. This includes transportation, in-house childcare, housing, SNAP, and other public benefits.We hold family-oriented events that allow parents and children to engage in collaborative, meaningful activities with other families in our community. Past events have included movie nights, community potlucks, and game nights.Our STEP (Striving Towards Economic Prosperity) Program provides 16 parents of children enrolled in our programs with $850 of unrestricted monthly payments to alleviate financial stressors and support families as they work to increase their financial stability.

If you are interested in enrolling or have any questions about our Family Mobility programming, please contact Kaiti Coffin, Director of Youth and Family Mobility Programming, at or (617) 375-8119.