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Three children in the USES club48 program are racing outside


[STEP] has truly helped me to focus on developing my budget, and work on action steps that have helped me pay more attention to my finances. Because of this I have enrolled in classes on trading, which is giving me the skills to learn how to invest, sell, and trade to better my own financial future. It has helped me become more conscious of my spending and what is necessary, helping me to separate my needs and my wants. One of the things I did was I was able to begin to pay off debts in a timely manner, as well as allowing me to take a vacation with my daughter!


I get very excited when a participant gets the job or reaches a milestone or goal that they have set for themselves. One of the most rewarding aspects is being a part of that celebration and realizing that we are getting them one step closer to beginning to change the cycle for themselves and their families.

Melody Valdes, Chief Program Officer