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About USES

A mother and her three children in the USES Family Mobility program is sitting on porch steps and hugging one another.
A baby girl in a USES early childhood education classroom finger painting
Est. 1892

Who we are

At USES, we offer programs that support the whole family in achieving economic mobility. We help parents and caregivers develop their own capacity to reach their goals, increase their income and assets, and connect with new networks of people.

For children and youth, we provide quality education and enrichment opportunities that foster personal development and social-emotional skills such as perseverance, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving – Early Childhood Education, club48 out of school time programming, and Camp Hale on Squam Lake in New Hampshire.

Three children in the USES early childhood education program playing in toy cars and smiling at the camera

Our mission

Our mission is to harness the power of our diverse community to disrupt the cycle of poverty for children and their families.    

We believe that as families increase their income and assets, become more resilient and connect to a diverse network, they and their children are more likely to develop the necessary skills to disrupt the cycle of poverty. 


Our History


United South End Settlements (USES) was founded in 1892 as Andover House, the first settlement house in Boston.


Camp Hale was founded by Hale House to provide neighborhood children with a safe place to play and access nature.


Six Black women opened the Harriet Tubman House at 37 Holyoke Street in the South End. At that time, it was a boarding house that provided shelter, food and clothing for women. Harriet Tubman was named honorary president of the Harriet Tubman House four years before her death on March 10, 1913.


The Children’s Art Centre, located at 36 Rutland Street in Boston’s South End, was incorporated and became the first public fine arts museum designed exclusively for children.


Post-World War II, each Settlement House in the South End consolidated five houses into one, United South End Settlements, to address a decrease of resources.


President George H.W. Bush signed March 10 into law as Harriet Tubman Day.


Camp Hale began welcoming girls, an overdue break from tradition.


USES continues to support families and children during the Covid-19 pandemic by providing virtual programming, one-on-one coaching, and beginning a Food Distribution service to families in need.


USES holds its first-ever virtual Neighborhood Gala, raising over $300,000!


USES returns to hosting our Neighborhood Gala in May, raising over $458,000!


USES celebrates its 130th anniversary.