Workforce Readiness Success Story: Charlene from Germany

February 18, 2015 | 0 Comments


by Jack Craypo, English Language Arts Instructor at United South End Settlements

United South End Settlements’ Workforce Readiness students come from all walks of life and even from every corner of the globe. What they share is a desire to be the best that they can be. Allow us to introduce you to one talented hardworking student: Charlene.

Charlene was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. When she was younger, Charlene worked in a variety of jobs in the fashion industry. It was an exciting life, but left little time for formal schooling.

After moving to the United States, Charlene realized that she needed to get a formal education beginning with an American High School credential. But it wasn’t just about getting the credential; Charlene knew there were holes in her education to fill and needed to start with the basics of math, reading, and writing before attempting college.

A friend recommended United South End Settlements to work on academic basics while preparing for the High School Equivalency exam. The intensive 22 hour school week, strong tutor support, and experienced teachers helped Charlene make rapid progress. With a lot of hard work, Charlene earned the High School Certificate and greatly improved her math and English skills.

Today, Charlene is enrolled as a full-time student at Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC), but she still relies on support provided by United South End Settlements. In addition to taking a full-time load at BHCC, Charlene also attends United South End Settlements’ Transition to College program to further develop her writing, reading, and math skills. The Transition to College programs helps bridge the gap between high school and college level work. So far, the transition is going smoothly.

Charlene might not seem like a typical adult education student at first glance, but that’s not the case. They all come with unique stories and a desire to work hard to make their dreams come true. In Charlene’s case that dream is to earn an MBA and to one day own her own internet-based business. For others it might be to get a promotion at work or to start a new career that provides more security and opportunity. No matter what the dream is, it all starts with a solid foundation in reading, writing, and math.

To learn more about United South End Settlements’ Workforce Readiness program, click here.

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