Women’s History Month Staff Spotlight: Karen Liberatore

March 27, 2019 | 0 Comments

Karen Liberatore, Director of Program Administration at USES

Roslindale, MA

Tell us about the what you enjoy most about the work you’re doing and why it’s important. 
In my current role at USES, I am able to help families get acquainted and fall in love with our programs and whole family approach. I am one of the first faces families often meet when they are deciding whether or not USES is the right program for their children. I enjoy watching the progress that children (and nervous parents) make from the tour to their first day of being enrolled, and then seeing them settle into being a part of the USES family.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in pursuing the work that’s important to you? 
One of the biggest challenges is that I want to help everybody and sometimes there are outside barriers that effect the enrollment process.

How does Women’s History Month connect to your work at USES? 
The most significant connection that my work at USES has had to Women’s History Month was the creation and implementation of girls’ camp at Camp Hale! It is an amazing feeling to know that I was the first girls’ camp director and that I helped  establish a program for young women that had only been accessible to boys for 112 years. Even though I am no longer at Camp Hale on a daily basis, I know that the program continues to build strong, confident women and will continue to pave the way for young female leaders for years to come. Hoo Yah!

Hobbies/favorite song/movie/book/interesting fact:
I love traveling and exploring new places, being outdoors, trying new restaurants, watching movies and going to the gym.

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