Vision125: News Interview with USES President & CEO

June 9, 2017 | 0 Comments

I was delighted to talk yesterday with Chris Lovett of Boston Neighborhood Network TV’s community affairs show about the changes USES is undergoing this year to deepen our impact in and around the South End.

Here we are in 2017, and families are still struggling. There’s still poverty in Boston’s South End. As we’re celebrating USES’s 125th anniversary and embarking on a renewed mission for USES, I announced last month we’re committing to disrupt the cycle of poverty for 1,000 children over the next 5 years by uniting our community to strengthen families.

As I explained to Chris, USES has a deep history of supporting families in this community and helping them navigate the different challenges they face.  And, we have always done it with the help of you, friends and neighbors who are truly invested in seeing all families succeed.  We have an incredibly diverse community with a wealth of resources, and with your help these next 5 years can be a game changer for many of families currently struggling below the poverty line.

I hope you’ll watch my interview and get involved with USES.

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