VICTORY for 350 children and their families!

December 13, 2019 | 0 Comments

The BPDA voted to approve the development of 566 Columbus Avenue!

(Photo Credit: Pete Johannsen)

Dear USES Community,

I am extremely thankful and appreciate the outpouring of support from every corner of our community – there are too many to list here, but among them are USES families, staff, friends, neighbors, as well as our elected officials Councilors Kim Janey and Ed Flynn, Rep. Jon Santiago, and Rep. Aaron Michlewitz. Because of this overwhelming support, we are grateful that the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) board of directors approved the development of 566 Columbus Avenue and minor modification needed to sell our building yesterday, December 12, 2019.

Take a look at the video from yesterday’s BPDA meeting starting at 1:08:

Today, over 350 children and their families who rely on USES for affordable early education, out of school time programing, including our summer sleepaway camp, family engagement, and workforce development services, can rest easy knowing that these important services will continue for them, and for many more generations.

Selling 566 Columbus Avenue is our last financial lifeline. With the development approved, USES can move forward with its plan to stabilize the organization. The proceeds from the sale will be directly reinvested into the community to expand programs for whole families and will help to create a comprehensive campus at our Rutland Street location to include the 4th iteration of the Harriet Tubman House. Furthermore, it will help ensure the financial future of our organization.

Yesterday was a major milestone in our comprehensive plan to ensure USES’s future – we should all be proud! Our work is just beginning and we look forward to furthering our Vision125 strategic plan over the next few years.

On behalf of our children, families, staff of educators and leaders, and board of directors, we are thankful for your incredible support to ensure our future. Today, we know we can continue to carry on Harriet Tubman’s legacy of service for generations to come.

With gratitude,

Maicharia Z. Weir Lytle
USES President & CEO


For more information on this entire process, click here to visit the Vision125 page on our site.

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