Tammy: A Whole Family Success Story

July 26, 2017 | 0 Comments

Last year, Tammy shared her USES story with us, but it was still incomplete: while her children were enrolled in quality enrichment programming at USES, she was still in search of a better job and faced many barriers to success. As a part-time employee at Old Navy making $11/hour, it was difficult to make ends meet for her family.

After graduating from our technology education program last year, Tammy joined us as an intern and was able to take advantage of our new Coaching Program. She met regularly with her coach, who helped her determine what steps she needed to take to achieve her goal of obtaining full-time employment and kept her accountable towards working on those steps.

Tammy’s USES experience gave her the opportunity to learn valuable workforce readiness and technology skills, while ensuring her children were receiving quality education and care. 

This June, with the support of her coach and the whole USES team behind her, Tammy  started a full-time job as a Dental Receptionist at the South End Community Health Center. Now she works just around the corner from USES’s youth center and is developing skills that will allow her to grow in her career within the organization. Her next goal is to return to school and finish her degree in Health Care Management.

Congratulations, Tammy!

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