S.T.E.P (Guaranteed Income Pilot) Story-Telling Cohort: By 4Boston Volunteers

March 25, 2022 | 0 Comments

This week the Boston Globe featured a story about the S.T.E.P pilot, read the article here. We are excited to continue to highlight the stories of some of the participants in the program. We have changed names to protect the privacy of families.

Isabel says participating in S.T.E.P has lowered her stress levels by helping to reduce the amount of financial pressure she feels. She is able to buy things her children need without worrying excessively about finances.

“[S.T.E.P] helps me not get into more debt because I was using my credit card a lot,” she said. “It’s helpful to pay for things and buy things because they always need stuff.”
According to Isabel, the extra income support has been particularly useful throughout the pandemic. “We’ve been spending a lot more time together because the schools keep closing,” said Isabel. “But it’s helpful because of that – I can’t always work because of schools closing, so it’s nice to have a safety net.”
Isabel says she is grateful for the program and the assistance it has provided for her and her family.

“I just think it’s a really great program, and I’m so thankful for it,” she said. “And once I’m in a position to, I would love to help out with this program for other people…everyone needs help, and not everyone has it.”

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