USES Reimagined During COVID-19

Since opening its doors as one of Boston’s first settlement houses in 1892, USES has had a strong history of providing critical services to youth and families in the South End and Boston. Rooted in the settlement house movement, we continue to remain grounded in supporting our community through education, child care, and financial and coaching opportunities. Whether it is recovering from the Great Depression, or responding to Urban Renewal, we have a rich history rooted in social interconnectedness. Today, as we respond to the impact of the Coronavirus, USES is once again, shifting and reimagining how it can support families who will be disproportionately affected during this unprecedented time.

Currently, we serve as a hub of support to ensure families are getting the wrap around services needed to manage through this pandemic. USES Family Mobility Coaches have held Family Advocacy Check-Ins, where they helped parents file for unemployment and apply for benefits that can provide critical resources (e.g. mental health services, food programs, technology/wifi, etc.). They are also supporting parents in managing their day with their children, navigating their frustrations, and engaging in self-care.

With a mission to harness the power of our diverse community to disrupt the cycle of poverty for children and families, USES is committed to focusing on the two-generation model that makes us unique. We push forward with one-on-one coaching sessions and providing children with high quality education and STEAM enrichment opportunities – with a twist of offering these services remotely.

In order to fund this work and ensure USES continues to impact low-income children and families in and around the South End, we have established the neighbor2neighbor (n2n) Fund for Families. Join us in fighting COVID-19 and ensuring low-income children and families will thrive.

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