Reflecting on the Chauvin Verdict

April 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

Dear USES Community,

Last June, I wrote to our USES community to share my reflections on the first six months of 2020; the racial injustices unveiled by the COVID-19 pandemic, police brutality, and the unrelenting racism and violence BIPOC face daily- whether they are bird watching, sleeping in bed, or going for a run. 2020 was the year of perfect vision- it was an awakening we needed to spark change.

This year is an opportunity to create a new normal, and yesterday’s verdict was just that. That verdict – guilty on all three charges in the murder of George Floyd, represented justice and accountability, finally. George Floyd should have never been murdered – that would be true justice. But yesterday, we said these injustices are not okay. We said that Black Lives Matter.

This is just the beginning. We cannot be complacent or allow ourselves to go back to normal. We must keep pushing forward, protesting, speaking up, calling out and calling in injustices, having tough conversations, educating ourselves, interrogating systems of oppression, creating access and opportunity, supporting Black-led, Black-owned, Black-serving institutions, and we must hold space to talk with our children.

Through our work at USES, we create access and opportunities for children from racially and economically diverse backgrounds to learn, grow and develop. We engage parents in determining their path to success. We connect our community through the Harriet Tubman Change Maker Series and share opportunities to support and advocate for policy changes. Today, we invite you to renew your commitment to creating a new normal that challenges racial injustices, disrupts the systems that allow it to flourish, and supports change that brings equity, liberation, and inclusion to Black and Brown communities. 

Below are additional resources to support you and your family as you continue to reflect and engage in conversation with your children and each other.

In Community,









For Kids 


For Adults 


On How to Talk to Kids 

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