Family Mobility

contact person: Melody Valdes at (617) 375-8144

What is Family Mobility?

USES’s Family Mobility Program works with families to increase their resources, skills, and connections and develop strategies to attain and preserve economic independence. Family support is a key component of the two-generation framework, focusing equally and intentionally on the needs of the whole family. 

Through Coaching and Income Screenings, we provide scaffolding for families as they work on developing the tools needed to achieve financial stability. In addition, the Family Engagement Series and Parent Building Blocks engage families at USES in collaborative, meaningful activities that expand their social capital and build on their knowledge and skills. Access to these opportunities will ultimately equip our parents and caregivers with the support that leads to the healthy development of their children, and a lasting positive impact on their life.

More about Coaching

Coaching is a supportive partnership that empowers participants with the tools to find solutions and move their families forward. Participants work with a coach to create an individual employment plan; identify and pursue career goals; develop better self-awareness and resiliency; access resources; and find strategies to increase financial stability. Our coaches help participants set goals, identify concrete steps toward meeting those goals through an action plan, and provide bi-weekly check-ins on progress and to help keep them accountable. We focus on building success in five areas: career, finances, family, education/training, and community connections.

Coaching participants also receive income maximization services. We provide income supports screening to all participants upon entry into our program and, once potential sources of support are identified, we offer assistance in connecting to public and private benefits. This includes transportation, in-house childcare, housing, SNAP and other public benefits, as well as referrals to external support services as needed.

Coaches also provide a wealth of knowledge about resources, including referrals to – and support in obtaining – additional services around health and basic needs, further education and vocational training opportunities, and specialized services to meet needs beyond our expertise.

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The mission of United South End Settlements is to harness the power of our diverse community to disrupt the cycle of poverty for children and their families.