CAC Program Spotlight: Studio Arts In-School Residency

October 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

The Hurley K2 and 1st grade students have just begun their classes through the Children’s Art Centre’s Studio Arts In-School Residency! We are so excited to continue to partner with the Hurley School and build on last year’s work! Stay tuned for frequent updates…

This fall, K2 is exploring the unit Our Community and focusing especially on their classroom community. We read The Dot, a story about creativity and encouraging others and then got creative with markers and collage. Each child’s work came out so different and beautiful.

Students had so many creative ideas! Some made a series of small works. Some turned the circles they made into other things, like faces, suns, buttons, and snowmen. Many experimented with cutting up the different papers and gluing them back together in unexpected ways.

1st grade has been learning all about Wild and Tame animals. In our first class, students worked in partners to create a “Mixed up Creature” combining tops and bottoms of different animals to make up new ones. In the next few weeks, students will begin creating an animal collage using the techniques of illustrator Eric Carle.

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