In-School Arts Residency: Photos and Poems

April 7, 2015 | 0 Comments

by Catherine Aiello, Children’s Art Centre Program Coordinator

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The first graders at the Hurley have just finished up an exciting project combining photography, language arts, and technology literacy. Over several weeks, students worked together to take portraits of each other representing different emotions using the school’s classroom set of iPads.

During their Writer’s Workshop time, Ms. Colón and Ms. Estepe lead them in writing poems based on their photo self portraits and the emotions represented in them. We concluded with a poetry reading where students were able to share their poems by reading them aloud to their classmates.

Below are some examples of their photos and poems. We will be sharing even more at Abriendo Puertas on April 10th. Hope to see you there!


My Feeling by Mallory

Happy, sad
and so much more to pick.
Purple and orange
so much to pick.
A and B, too.
I just can’t handle it.
I am mad.
I am frustrated.
I calm down.
I am happy.
I needed to take a nap.
I wake up.
I needed that.


Yo Estoy por Jeremy

Yo estoy feliz cuando juego con mis amigos.
Yo estoy enojado cuando mi mama grita.
Yo pienso cuando necesito hacer mi trabajo.
Yo estoy sorprendido cuando veo algo extraño.


Yo Estoy por Vrianna

Yo estoy triste porque me distes.
Me asustaste, así que me asuste.
Me sorprendi porque me distes una sorpresa.
Me siento orgullosa cuando paso un examen.


I am Me by Matilde

When I am happy I smile
When I am mad I cry
Because someone did something to me
When I am excited I laugh
Because I am happy.

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