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Harriet Tubman Image-QuoteThe original Harriet Tubman House, located on Holyoke Street in the South End, was a settlement house for African American women moving to Boston from the South to seek better opportunities for themselves and their families. Harriet Tubman was the Honorary President of the organization, which provided women with shelter, skills training, and a supportive community as they adjusted to their new environment.

We honor Harriet Tubman by carrying on the name of the Harriet Tubman House, and through the Harriet Tubman Society, a giving circle that recognizes and celebrates our most generous supporters. Membership in the Harriet Tubman Society is open to individuals who donate $1,000 or more each year.

Harriet Tubman’s legacy is about advancing opportunity and addressing inequality. She has shown us that one woman, driven by her values and vision, has the power to forever change the world.

Harriet Tubman Society Members

Anonymous (5)
Yalem Ayalew Alemu and Al Desta
William and Carolyn Aliski
Jeremy and Jen Allaire
Bree Allen and Sarah Williamson
Thomas Andrews and Christine Gilman
Mohammed Asmal and Sana Fadel
Tamara Baer and Michael Flood
Karl Bandtel and Farley Urmston
Robert Barney
Thomas and Suzanne Beach
David and Katharine Beeston
James and Fiona Benenson
Christopher Birch and Alexandra Burke
Jerry and Grace Macomber Bird
Allyson Bloom and Sanjiv Thakarar
Elizabeth S. Boveroux
Silvia Buonamici and Brenton Mar
Nancy Bush Ellis
John and Tracey Cannistraro
Charles Carson
Janet and Thomas Cha
Steven Cohen and Bruce Withey
Steven and Alexi Conine
Bea and Woolsey Conover
Julian and Gail Coolidge
Jennifer Coplon and Robert Frank
Michael Cronin and Marian Miller Cronin
Amy and Ethan d’Ablemont Burnes
Bob and Leslie Dahl
Bill and Nancy Dailey
Alexandra Daitch
Nancy Dempze and Daniel Bailey
Katherine and Bertis Downs
Eliza Dushku and Peter Palandjian
Hans Eijmberts and Wiebe Tinga
Mark and Erin Epker
Graig and Jacqueline Fantuzzi
Georgia and Jesse Feldman
Peter and Sara Fleiss
Peter and Rebecca Forkner
Randolph J. Fuller
Leslie and Austin Furst
Hon. Arthur and Melanie Gajarsa
Jennifer Gelfand and Christopher Church
Spencer Glendon and Lisa Tung
Sonya and Nick Good
Christopher and Martha Grant
Richard and Lillian Gray
Lisa Gruenberg and Martin Carmichael
Susan Gutchess
Roy Guyton
Tim Grafft and David Hacin
Charles and Ethel Hamann
Barbara and Amos Hostetter
Gerard and Kay Ives
Lisa and Steve Jenks
Bandita Joarder and J Eric Hankwitz
Julia and Peter Johannsen
Peter G. and Marion M. Johannsen
John Jurczynski and Kathy Wheeler
Fiyaz and Azra Kanji
Ali and Steve Kassels
John and Tappy Kimpel
Beth Kramer and Jarred Sherman
Kenneth Kruckemeyer and Barbara Knecht
Liz and George Krupp
Michael and Liana Krupp
Derek Lessing and Catherine Thut
Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
Joyce Lee and Gurinder Grewal
Anne Lovett and Steve Woodsum
Jean M. Lovett
Kate Lubin and Glendon Sutton
Ann D. Macomber
Cynthia and William Marcus
Nicolas Massard and Emily McComb
Amy McCarthy and Drew Carlson
Louis and Leesa Mercedes
Bill and Pamela Meserve
Shepley Metcalf
Paul and Warren Miller
John and Tashia Morgridge
Samuel and Gail Murdough
The Nielsen Family
Sarah and Jared Olivenstein
Patrick Planeta and Santiago Varela
Margaret C. and H. Boone Porter
Philip Preston
Camille Preston and Mark Newhall
Nicholas Reed
Reuben Reynolds and Bill Casey
Etta and Mark Rosen
Jo Ann Rothschild and Lewis Rosenburg
Benjamin Rubenstein and Arienne Bistany
James Sanford and Jean Doyle
Jill and Niraj Shah, The Shah Family Foundation
Jennifer and Michael Shea
June and Richard Shibley
W. Sean Smith and Letitia Boyd Smith
Richard Stern and Lance Goodman
Lisa and Gregg Stone
Thomas Sullivan
Murray and Jean Swindell
Benjamin and Katherine Taylor
Joan and Edwin Tiffany
Jeff and Rebecca Tulman
Friedrich and Antonia Von Gottberg
Peter von Mertens and Dea Angiolillo
James and Margaret Wade
Roslyn Watson
Maicharia and Cary Weir Lytle
Ashley Stolba and Garret Weston
Kathryn Willmore
Stephanie Withers
Peter and Jo Ziesing

The mission of United South End Settlements is to harness the power of our diverse community to disrupt the cycle of poverty for children and their families.