Geordaliz: From Program Participant to Above-and-Beyond Volunteer

February 24, 2015 | 0 Comments

Geordaliz at Camp Hale
Geordaliz (right) leans on a friend during the Camp Hale girls session last summer.

Geordaliz was a participant in the After School Program from the time she was 5 until she turned 13. When she aged out this summer, everyone was sad to see her go. It was amazing to watch her develop from a shy, emotional 5 year old into a responsible, intelligent and mature young woman.

She volunteered in our programs throughout the summer and unlike many teens, she was able to easily transition from being a participant to being a role model. She proved helpful to staff in every way possible and the kids started seeing her as a leader in addition to a friend.

In the fall, Geordaliz’ mother spoke to me about how much Geordaliz missed being a part of the program and how she hadn’t found a new program for her to start. One thing led to another and we agreed that it would beneficial for both of us to have her volunteering once a week.

At first she came every Tuesday—reliable and consistent as always. Soon, we started noticing that she was coming in on days even when she wasn’t on the schedule—sometimes up to four times a week. It’s been great to see her interacting with all of the students and staff and even helping the new interns and volunteers to learn the After School program routine. She is a strong, dependable and fun-loving young woman and we are honored to have been able to accompany her on her journey throughout life this far!

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