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Fish: Inside and Out – In-School Arts Residency

Four story brick building with adjacent courtyard

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The Hurley School K-2 classes are learning all about the life cycles of fish and frogs as part of their unit on Animals and Habitats. In art we spent the last two classes exploring fish through some fun projects!

Students made fish prints using the Japanese technique called gyotaku. We watched a video of an artist as he paints a fish with black ink, removes the extra ink and then carefully presses paper onto the fish to create an incredibly detailed print of  the fish, including all of its scales, fins, gills and eye! These are new vocabulary words for kindergarteners and as they inked and printed a (realistic rubber) fish, they saw up close all the body parts they have been learning about. Students used oil pastels to add details from the fish's habitats to their prints.

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In our Inside-Out Fish lesson, students learned about the bones of the fish, comparing and contrasting a fish skeleton and a human skeleton and created their own fish skeleton using toothpicks and cotton swabs on construction paper. Drawing, cutting, and gluing all help kindergarteners develop their fine motor skills.

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