Celebrating Harriet Tubman Day 2021

March 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

Today we celebrate Harriet Tubman Day! USES dates back to 1904, when six Black women opened the Harriet Tubman House at 37 Holyoke Street in the South End. At that time, it was a boarding house that provided shelter, food and clothing for women. Harriet Tubman was named honorary president of the Harriet Tubman House four years before her death on March 10, 1913. Today, we continue to honor Harriet Tubman through our work supporting families and uniting communities for upward mobility. Harriet Tubman Day is more than a chance to remember an American heroine. Her story reminds us that individual actions make a difference. It should spur all of us to recommit to equity and inclusion in our places of business, our schools, and in our cities and towns.


You can learn more about Harriet Tubman’s legacy and connection to USES by reading the full article in The Boston Sun!

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