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Four story brick building with adjacent courtyard
Apr 21, 2021
Reflecting on the Chauvin Verdict
Dear USES Community, Last June, I wrote to our USES community to share my reflections on the first six months of 2020; the racial injustices unveiled by the COVID-19 pandemic, police brutality, and the unrelenting racism and violence BIPOC face daily- whether they are bird watching, sleeping in bed, or going for a run. 2020 was the year of […]
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Mar 18, 2021
USES Stands Against Anti-Asian Hate
Dear USES Community, The unprecedented times we are living through continue to shed light on the racism in our society. Last June, as we were navigating the global pandemic and the world’s awakening to racial injustices in our country, I wrote to our community following the murder of George Floyd. Today, my heart is heavy […]
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Mar 10, 2021
Celebrating Harriet Tubman Day 2021
Today we celebrate Harriet Tubman Day! USES dates back to‚ÄĮ1904, when six Black women opened the Harriet Tubman House at 37 Holyoke Street in the South End.‚ÄĮAt that time, it‚ÄĮwas a boarding house that provided shelter, food‚ÄĮand clothing for women.‚ÄĮHarriet Tubman was named honorary president of the Harriet Tubman House four years before her death [‚Ķ]
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Feb 26, 2021
The Realities of Remote Education during COVID-19
The 2020-2021 school year has been unlike any other. With Boston Public Schools’ switching to a fully remote learning model in October to minimize the spread of COVID-19, students and their teachers have had to quickly adjust to challenging circumstances. For children whose families may lack the financial bandwidth to secure childcare and private tutoring, […]
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Jan 25, 2021
USES’s 2020 in 50 Photos
As we reflect on 2020, we decided to take a look back with the 50 photos that defined this unexpected, challenging, and inspiring year. Take a look below!
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Dec 2, 2020
Celebrating the Fundraising Efforts of Tufts University Medical School Students!
With the enduring financial strain of COVID-19 on USES and our families, we are especially grateful for the growing community of supporters who meet our needs while we meet those of our families. Contributing to this vital community is a pair of Tufts University School of Medicine students, Kirsten Wesolek and Sharon Kelmar, who launched the 1st annual Jumbos Jog for Justice fundraiser this fall. As leaders within Tufts’ 50-person Learning Communities, which provide students with […]
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