Call for Art: The Theresa Show

October 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

the theresa show

Call for Fiber Artwork at the Harriet Tubman Gallery
United South End Settlements
566 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA, 02118


The Harriet Tubman House is in Boston’s South End and houses classrooms, informal gathering places, offices and exhibit spaces. The building’s design is ideally suited to support the mission of serving the South End population and presenting art and music. The Theresa Show will be displayed on the first two floors of the Harriet Tubman House and is seen by everyone who walks through the doors.

The Fourth Annual Theresa Show is a fiber arts show and silent auction that raises funds for the Theresa India Young Fiber Arts Scholarship at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Range of materials and subject matter are open. Submissions may include surface design, woven, quilts, stitching, hand-made paper making or any other contemporary art fiber technique.

No free standing work can be accepted, nor any work whose thrust from the wall is extraordinary. Jurors are Ann Wessmann, Faculty in the 3D, Fine Arts Fibers Department of Massachusetts College of Art & Design, and Ed Pollack, gallery owner, A Fine Thing: Ed Pollack Fine Arts, Portland Maine.

Submission Guidelines

Work must have been completed in 2013 or after. Maximum size is 72″h by 40″w. Submissions must be on CD, no slides, no photographs and can be up to three images, JPEG files of 300DPI resolution, approximately 5″x7″ image size and with file names saved in the format: LastName_EntryNumber_Title. One detail per image is also allowed. No artists’ names or signatures are allowed on images. The deadline for submission is November 17, 2015. Notification of acceptance by December 11, 2015.

The submission fee is $25, payable to Cross Cultural Collaborative as the fiscal agent. Send CD and check to:

United South End Settlements
c/o Evan Gray
48 Rutland St.
Boston, MA 02118

If accepted, work must be hand delivered to the Tubman House and picked up by the artist (or agent with an explanatory letter). Work must be ready to hang and priced and must include hanging instructions if necessary. Artists will receive 50 percent of the auction price unless they choose to contribute the whole. The show will run between January 14 2016 and a February date to be decided.

Submission Instructions


•  Fill out and include this form along with your submission.

•  Prepare your images on a CD as JPEG files of 300dpi resolution, approximately 5″x7″ image size, and with file names saved in the format: LastNAme_EntryNumber_Title. Be sure not to use symbols, such as #,& and” when naming your files.

•  Mail the following by the deadline
a. CD with saved entry images as described above.
b. Above completed form.
c. Check or money order for the jury fee, $25, made out to Cross Cultural Collaborative.

•  All works submitted must have been created since 2013 or later.

•  If accepted, please deliver piece as instructed in your acceptance letter.

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