Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty:

New Pathways Towards Equity through Guaranteed Income

An interactive discussion on Guaranteed Income as a vehicle towards racial and gender equity.

January 27th, 6:00-7:15 pm

Facilitated by

Melody Valdes
Chief of Staff,
United South End Settlements


Eliza Novick
Project Manager,
Shah Family Foundation

Sumbul Siddiqui
City of Cambridge


Rohit Naimpally
Innovation Team Lead,
The People Lab

Sarah Stripp
Managing Director,
Springboard to Opportunities

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Race- and gender-based wealth inequities are two of the greatest failures of the American economy. Without bold, visionary action and policies to address these issues, the chasm between those who are economically secure and those who are not—mainly Black, brown, Native American communities and women- will continue to grow, ultimately threatening our nation’s ability to achieve our promise of freedom and dignity for all.  Through this event, we hope to educate our community on “Guaranteed Income Programs” and uplift its significance in changing the status quo. USES will be joined by experts in the field to discuss the challenges and opportunities of this intervention, especially as it pertains to achieving racial and gender equity; ultimately, disrupting the cycle of poverty.