Art Projects from Session 4

August 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

Session 4 of the Summer Arts Program at the Children’s Art Centre means summer is almost over! We kept ourselves busy with these fun projects:

session 4 building
Building Our City
Working collaboratively, the Calder Kids created visual representations of buildings they know and used their imagination to envision new buildings and ways of organizing a community. This project helped to sharpen their visual literacy and observation skills by comparing and contrasting different buildings and styles of architecture.

session 4 portraits and pendulum
Pendulum Painting
The Petite Picassos had the opportunity to explore patterns, gravity, and different types of spiral motion in this active art activity. This project helps younger children understand concepts by using scientific inquiry skills to explore spatial relationships and the physical properties of objects and materials.

Self Portraits
This self portrait project helped students to develop self awareness as they reflect on their growth and future. Looking at the self portraits of other artists, students experimented by adding elements to their own images and explored how that changes them.

session 4 open studio
Open Studio
The Summer Arts Program offers students many structured activities as well as open ended exploration to implement their own ideas and experiments with materials. We tried embroidery, used problem solving to build a marble run & mixed colors with easel painting.

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