In-Kind Wish List

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

There are many ways to give back and get involved at United South End Settlements. Whether by volunteering your time, making a financial contribution, or donating in-kind gifts, we are beyond grateful. Read on below to look for items you may be able to contribute to help support our many programs so we can continue to make an impact in our South End and Lower Roxbury neighborhoods.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange for pick up or drop off of an item, please email


Make sure you leave your name and address in the Gift Message, so we know who to thank!


Some of the Items That Can Help Our Programs:


Workforce Readiness

•  Office supplies:

•  Highlighters
•  Notebooks
•  Pens and pencils
•  White board markers
•  Wipes
•  Notebook filler paper

•  Smart boards
•  DVD player
•  Clothing gift cards to purchase clothing for job interviews

Early Childhood Education

•  Play sand
•  Tissue Boxes
•  Ice Packs
•  White Board Markers
•  Crayons
•  Infant teething toys
•  First aid kit
•  Counting Bears
•  Pattern blocks
•  Sand/water toys
•  Dress up cloths for toddlers and preschool


•  Yoga mats
•  Microscopes
•  Mini White Boards
•  Binoculars
•  Science kits

Children’s Art Centre

•  Paint smocks
•  Play-dough
•  Sidewalk chalk
•  Recycled materials for art making

South End Family Engagement Network

•  baby/diaper bags
•  crib blankets
•  new baby clothing items for 3-9 months

Senior Services

•  25 pairs of athletic socks
•  25 small exercise towels

Camp Hale

•  Small canoe paddles
•  Lifejackets, all sizes
•  Goggles
•  Board games
•  20 lacrosse sticks
•  Lacrosse helmets and gloves
•  5 right hand softball gloves
•  2 left hand softball gloves
•  Activity balls: basketball, volleyball, football, soccer
•  Mountain bikes for 8 youth and 4 adults
•  Self dry clay
•  12 compasses
•  8 day packs

Mission: To build a strong community by improving the education, health, safety and economic security of low-income individuals and families in Boston's historic South End/Lower Roxbury and to serve as a national model of successful neighborhood engagement.